Ruth took over from Mog as Region 29 Rep in 2011. Below is Ruth's first submission to the Quin, published in August 2011.
I’m not much of a writer, so you’ll have to bear with me on this. These are my first scribbling since being handed the baton of Area Rep for North Wales and Shropshire…..a post that has been held by Mog for quite a ling time! A big ‘thank you’ to the Mogster for keeping the region running and I have to say I’m mighty glad he’s still lurking in the background to help out with bits and pieces.
First outing this year was the Vintage show at the Three Counties show ground in Malvern, which seems an age ago. Greg, Ruth Al and I all tootled off down the A49 on what turned out to be a gloriously sunny day. Having gone the back roads down, the show ground proved rather illusive until we’d stopped to ask one or five pedestrians on the way through town….only to find ourselves at a dog show….that’d be the wrong entrance then! I wonder why they gave the dog show folks in their 4x4s the lovely smooth tarmac entrance, and those of us on two wheels had to navigate a gravel quarry…..mmmmm??? But at least they had an ice cream van!!
Our main outing this year has been to Talgarth where we took over the far corner with Chez Tester….well I suppose with all the bullying it’s Chez ‘Inspector’ Gadget now !
It was a good ride down with myself as ‘road captain’…not sure how that happened?!? Especially as my bike was handling like a whale. But off I went, happily keeping it between 55 and 60 on the roads down to Hereford and across. Only to discover, when we arrived at the camp site, that Ian and his trailer aren’t supposed to go over 50. Ooops!
Well, tents up, gazebo up….saddlebags and trailer now empty. So off to the local Tesco to stock up the bar with a few tipples to keep us going. Greg and Ruth lead the way and off we went towards Brecon….through Brecon….around Brecon….back through Brecon. No fear….deliberate mystery tour…..we’re on the right track…and we arrive at Morrisons! Closed. In fairness, we do think it used to be Tescos. It’s possible that riding there in t-shirts wasn’t the best of ideas. We were roasting when we left the campsite, but on the return journey the drops started to fall….humph!
Back at the site out came the pear cider, larger, cointreau, some pink strawberry flavoured stuff (well…you’ve got to try these things!) and ice. Arrr, bliss. I think it’s fair to say that the gazebo got it’s fair share of use over the weekend making a rather good bar area. It’s a shame that Al managed to give up using his tripod stool only to break my chair. Friday night is a bit of a blur but I do remember getting to the rugby club and I’ve vague flashbacks getting to the town hall. Must have been a good night!
Saturday……don’t think we moved from our ‘bar area’. I seem to recall a few peeps starting breakfast with the afore mentioned pear cider. A nice chilled day nattering with folk, whilst sneezing and coughing, and generally distributing germs and viruses a plenty. Sorry all! Still got Gregs posh cotton hanky….not sure how chuffed he was when I fully discharged my nose into it! It will be returned fully disinfected… before the end of the year hopefully…I know, the memory is shocking!
Unfortunately, while the rest of the Region made it into town Saturday night, the afternoon aperitifs and the stonking grub served by Gaynor and Ian pretty much sapped what little energy I had left… so an early night. Bugger! Had a lovely weekend with everyone and even the weather, for the most part, was good.
At the end of May some braver ones in the region ventured up the Caledonian Rally in Stirling and despite it being a particularly blustery weekend on the weather front had a great time.
For something a bit different we had a night out in Oswestry for June’s meeting. Meeting up at the Fox for a few ales, we found there was some band ‘jamming’ which was interesting – they then decided to go onto the stage out the back and do an impromptu session. Off we went to our little lock up to celebrate one of our local Harley friends birthday and at the same time raise some money for a cancer charity. His family had even organized a raffle and I got a very nice bottle of Rose, whilst Al and Greg seemed to take an unlikely interest in the ‘Sex and the City’ perfume set! Due to being absolutely knackered, I disappeared at a respectable 12.30…but I think Al, Greg, Mog, Cheryn Marcus and Linda rolled in about 3am and had a few nightcaps. However, whilst Al had, the previous evening, been adamant about being an early riser the next morning, his face was rather absent from the bacon buttie queue. Now what was it that Greg called him?
Well, the coming weeks see’s a few more events to attend, which as always, will be gone by the timeyou read this. Mog has organized a memorial ride for regional member Alan who passed away last year. Then the following weekend is the Lakes Rally which we are all looking forward to… and praying for the sun. I seem to recall it was a bit on the damp side last year. Come to think of it, it may have been a bit windy too, because I’m pretty sure that more than one gazebo went astray.

Happy days! Ride safe Ruth – North Wales & Shropshire Rep
The regional changes in the July 1994 Quin confirmed the creation of Region 29, North Wales. The Regional map from July 1999 clearly shows that Wales has been split into three Regions; Region 7 - West Wales Region 28 - South Wales Region 29 - North Wales Shropshire had yet to be added. Regional map 1999 Reading through old editions of the Quin, it looks like the Region did not have a Rep from about1993 to early 1996. By the December 1996 edition of the Quin, although Shropshire was still missing, we did have a new Rep and he wrote into the Quin with the following Regional Roundup. North Wales What's all this, a letter from the North Wales Region? Yes!! At last a few of us have got together to try and get this long lost wasteland of a region up and running. After seeing a good number of Harleys at the various shows, rallies etc this year, you know what it's like, you see a load of bikes all summer but you don't know who rides them!! But they must be fairly local. So if it's you, or you know a non-member who lives in the North Wales area, now is everyone's chance to get together, even if it's just to find out who the hell rides what!! Now who's writing all this waffle? Well my name is Andy Jenkins and I'm the new boy to this Rep's game. I was told 'It's a thankless task but you'll get a dead cool Rep's badge!!' Mmm, I wonder... The assistant Rep is Pete. He's an all round goog guy, and he's got a Fax machine so he can deal with all the death threats, hate mail and general abuse. By the time you read this we will have a monthly meeting place (Pub). Usual stuff, Sunday afternoons, once a month probably. Also at the moment, we're looking at a 'Hog Roast' weekend, maybe in May - band, disco etc, more info as we get it. Could be a case of 'Hey, throw me another HOG member, this ones burnt!!' That's about it for nowexcept it won't cost you much just to phone to find out about the monthly meetings etc. You're out there somewhere so just give us a shout and, you never know, we might even have a laugh!. That's what it's all about innit? See you soon Andy Jenkins, Rep Pete, Assistant Rep
The late 80s, with the arrival of the Evo engined bikes, saw more bikes around and more Regions being formed. North Wales was Region 6 and listed with a vacant Rep position. In the June/July 1987 issue of the Quin, Pete Price put a note in about a possible North Wales meet. January 1986 Quin Regional Map Pete Price Quin Letter June 1987 Unfortunately, this seems to have fallen on deaf ears with no formal meet published in the Quin through 1987 or 1988. In 1989 the regions seem to have shifted again and North Wales was back as part of Region 7, Wales
The 1980s started with Wales firmly on the club map. The December 1980 Quin listed interesting Rep posts including a Sidecar Rep, a Northern Rep and a Welsh Rep - Howard Hall. This had changed again slightly by Christmas 1981. Howard provided a Welsh report in the same issue. The 1982 Regional Map shows Wales as Region 4 and the meeting in South Wales. I like the way the South East and London were not given a number.
The early 1970s need a bit more research but by February 1977 there were three regional reps. Fred Warr was the clubs Tool Hire Clerk, a role the club still has. A letter to the Editor in 1977 suggested Regional Clubs. The Editor I believe was Paul Parslow, still an active club member. 1977 Letter to Quin The same Quin issue listed the Harley-Davidson dealers in the country at the time. The comment next to the Kawasaki shop is priceless. By 1979 it looks like Howard Hall was active in Wales although not clear if this is as a formal Rep. Causing waves by the looks of this article. 1979 also saw the South West invite Wales to their meetings, as well as a couple of Welsh Calendar updates.
The first reference to North Wales I have found so far was from the June 1967 Quin where the autumn run to Llanberis was mentioned. HQ was presumably Warrs Harley-Davidson on the Kings Road, Chelsea. By August the details had been expanded to show the trip was late October and the B&B price was 30 shillings. Having contacted several Hotels in Llanberis, the Castle Hotel in the High Street is now the local Spar with flats above. There is a copy of the write up of the trip on the HDRCGB Forum, Making a History Section online post 528 There is a short Youtube film containing a number of photos from the 1968 Dragon Rally. Spot the Harley. The 1968 AGM agrred the need for a Northern Rep who would look after all members north of Birmingham.
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