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Sept 2020 Region 29 Newsletter

Newsletter Region 29 North Wales and Shropshire

Sept  2020

Welcome to our Newsletter for Region 29 of the H-GRCGB.

For those of you who are new to the Club, we’ve included the ‘who’s who’ on the Region committee as you may not have had chance to meet us yet in person.  We are all on Facebook and our contact details are printed in the Harleyquin Magazine.

Motley Crew!

The role of the Region Rep is to represent you at national Club level and in case you haven’t seen the Club’s Constitution, here is an extract relating to Regions and Reps…

The Club is a sports and social organisation and its members shall organise tours, excursions, rallies, camping events, social events and competitions for members… The Club shall be organised into regional areas whose geographical locations and boundaries shall be established by the Committee… An elected Representative from each Region shall represent the Region to the National Committee and the National Committee to the Region.”

Al’s role is to lead the Region, representing it at national Club level and voting on behalf of the Region on significant national Club proposals.  He sets the tone, direction and style of the Region. He leads the organisation of major Region events, such as running the International Rally, our Christmas Party and provides advice and support to the rest of the Committee and to individual members.

It’s at the discretion of the Region what other representation is needed and due to size and spread of our patch; we have Assistant Reps who help Al in getting across the Region and they arrange events in their local area. They also lead the regular Region Meets in their local area, and encourage and support new members. We took the decision to have a Treasurer during the planning for the International Rally we held in 2018 as significant funds. We’ve had a Region account for several years as we procure and sell merchandise but now with Ruth as the Treasurer, we can maintain proper income and expenditure accounts. We also have a Secretary position which is filled jointly as a shared role. The Secretary role includes supporting the Rep in maintaining compliance with the Club’s constitution and regulations, and the Asst Reps in their activities, and leading the communications with members in the Region.

Also any member can suggest an activity; and for big events we encourage any member to join in the planning and execution.  Case in point will be our 2022 International Rally which we will start planning in 2021 – watch out for invites to participate but in the meantime, keep posting ride-outs and let us know of any other event or activity you’d like us to do – restrictions allowing.

Talking of upcoming activities…

Regional Meets and Events

The most recent guidance states “From Monday 14th September, people in England must not meet socially in groups of more than six”. This scuppers our Shropshire Meet after only one successful meet up in Sept, but let’s wait and see where we are in October. Scotland has followed suit, which does not affect us, but we must watch and wait to see if Welsh guidance changes.

As it stands, the North West Wales Coast at Bryn Arms, Coed-Y-Llwyn, Near Gellilydan, Blaenau Ffestiniog LL41 4EN is ON for this Sunday 13th Sept at 12.

The North Wales Meet is due to be held on Sunday 20th September at 7pm at Swan Inn, Swan Ln, Gwernymynydd, Mold CH7 4AT BUT we will need to confirm this as the pub does not appear to be open so do not  turn up without checking on Facebook or with Colin Turnbull.

Any members getting out and about, that’s fine but please note; these are not supported H-DRCGB events and you do so at your own risk and please maintain social distancing as per national legislation, whatever you are taking part in.

We cannot confirm our plans for a Christmas Party yet. It’s usually held on second Saturday of January, which would make it 9th January. If venues are still social distancing we will find it difficult to find one big enough. We might need to think about a Spring get-together…

Region Services

If you have a service or product or a skill that you would like to promote, contact Al Lloyd, Glyn or Trish and we’ll take it from there. The opportunity to provide a discount for R29 members is completely optional.

Stay safe and keep in touch.

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